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Unlock Consistent Growth: The Kaizen Way

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The Growth Insight 🌱

Unlock Consistent Growth: The Kaizen Way

We often think big goals require big changes to achieve them. "If I want my online store to make $1M a day, I need to 3x my ad spend." But here's the thing – making drastic changes like that is risky.

What if something unexpected happens, like a global pandemic or your ad account gets banned? You'll end up worse off than before.

That's where the Kaizen method comes in – "change for the better with continuous improvement." It's all about making small, incremental changes across your business to create a big impact over time.

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Instead of going all-in on one big change, try optimizing little things:

  • Test a new way to handle objections

  • Split test a different ad hook to boost click rates

  • Add an extra email to your customer flow to improve retention

None of these will make you an overnight millionaire, but a bunch of tiny, controlled improvements like these will compound into massive growth.

As James Clear said in Atomic Habits, "Success is the product of daily habits—not once-in-a-lifetime transformations."

With small steps, you build a sustainable safety net that's hard to disrupt. But this doesn't mean making random tweaks every day – it's about calculated optimizations in strategic areas that move the needle bit by bit.

The "Failure Cycle" The leadership expert John C. Maxwell assigns a "failure budget" to each branch of his company to follow this cycle:

  1. Identify something to test

  2. Run the test

  3. Determine if it's a failure or success

  4. If failed, figure how to succeed next time. If succeeded, implement it.

Failures aren't a big deal since you're only making small changes. But successes are major wins – small risk, big reward.

Maxwell advises always testing the "lowest-hanging fruit" or easiest thing first because:

  1. You may not get that opportunity again

  2. It's the fastest way to test more ideas

  3. Enough small wins make bigger tests easier

Use the Failure Cycle to systemize testing in your business. That's how growth becomes inevitable through compounding small wins over time.

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What’s Up with Tech 🖥️

🖼️ AI Edits: Photoshop is getting AI-powered features like image generation and background swaps for seamless editing.

📱 On-Device AI: Apple is reportedly working on its own on-device large language model, ditching cloud-based systems.

🏭 AI Acquisition: Apple may have acquired Datakalab, a Paris-based company specializing in on-device AI processing.

🚪 AI Exodus: Meta's ex-VP of infrastructure is joining Microsoft to "build the next set of systems that will push the frontier of AI forward."

Tools to Unlock Your Peak Potential 🛠️

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