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PLUS: Email Marketing with AI, How this 26 Yr Old Got 10 Mn Followers in Less Than 2 months

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This saturday’s dose to become smarter in 5 minutes:

  • Productivity/Growth Insight: Create Websites from Rough Sketches with AI

  • Side Hustle Idea: Become a Marketing Consultant with AI

  • What’s Up with Biz-Tech: AI Images Getting More Realistic

  • Tools to Unlock Your Peak Potential

  • Growth Case Study: How this 26 Yr Old Got 10 Mn+ Followers in Less Than 2 months?

The Actionable Productivity / Growth Insight 🖥️

Create Websites from Rough Sketches with AI

If you’ve got an idea for your website or app layout but don't know how to code, ChatGPT's vision capabilities make it easy to turn your basic sketches into working code!

If you feel the desire to write a book, what would it be about?

Step 1: Sketch out your ideal webpage layout. ChatGPT is surprisingly good at interpreting your drawings and creating a rough layout.

Step 2: Upload the image. You can use the following prompt: “You’re an expert developer. Write HTML and CSS code for the webpage layouts I’ve drawn out.”

Step 3: Iterate and add details to your design. ChatGPT will then provide the code. Test the output in tool you prefer. Then, ask ChatGPT for any changes or additions you like!

Building and executing your website or app layouts is easier than ever with the help of AI.

Thanks to Brian Marley at X for the demo.

Harness the Power of AI

AI’s been here. Now learn where it’s going. The AI Boot Camp from Columbia University serves as an introduction for those just entering tech, and builds on that foundation with specialized AI skills. 

This learning experience is perfect for those looking to upskill and set themselves apart. Upon completion, you will be prepared to lead AI conversations — and initiatives — to bring about key results for organizations. 

No previous programming skills are required to apply.

Why choose the AI Boot Camp?

  • Lead the way in all things AI: Learn how to leverage AI and machine learning to automate, solve problems, and drive results. No previous programming experience required.

  • Showcase AI skills to employers: Build a portfolio through challenges and team-based projects. Gain access to a network of 250+ employers

  • Explore funding options: Find payment plans and other financial resources to meet your needs.

Side Hustle Ideas💰

Become an Email Marketing Consultant with AI

With 4 Bn daily e-mail users, adults in the US spend an average of over 2 in their inboxes every day. Proper email marketing is the foundation of any online business.

And you thought email was dead? Lol!

Newsletters, product launches, cart recovery, flash sales alerts, etc., someone has to write them.

If you know how to make words dance, or if you know how to automate and segment your emails (or maybe you know how to use some of the top email tools and software out there), then businesses are ready to open their checkbooks.

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Email Marketing Ideas:

  • Crafting Newsletters: Create engaging monthly or weekly newsletters that readers look forward to.

  • Abandoned Cart Strategists: Create emails that coax users back into their online shopping carts and convert lost revenue into additional revenue.

  • Event Promotions: Be the go-to person for fully booked webinars, seminars, and product launches.

  • Segmentation Specialist: Dive into data to create personalized email journeys for different groups of users, maximizing opens and conversions.

Free Courses:

Top AI Tools for Social Media Management:

What’s Up with Future Tech? 🌐

Tools to Unlock Your Peak Potential 🛠️

💬 TalkNotes - Convert your thoughts into actionable notes.

🗣️ Chatcare - Cut your customer support volume.

🧾 Airparser - Effective and efficient data extraction.

🪄 Framer AI - Create a website in minutes.

⚡️ Notion AI - Messy notes? Summarize what's important & actionable.

📱 Synthesia - Craft professional quality videos without mics, cameras, actors using AI.

Growth Case Study 📈 

How this 26 Year Old Got 10 Million+ Followers in Less Than 2 Months? 

Bobbi Althoff has become a top influencer in just 2 months, with 6.5M TikTok followers, 2.5M Instagram followers & 800K YouTube subscribers.

It started with a TikTok post where Bobbi offered $300 to any celebrity who would agree to be a guest on her podcast. To her surprise, Rick Glassman, a popular actor and comedian, took her up on the offer.

This was just the beginning of Bobbi's incredible journey to the top. Bobbi then interviewed Funni Marco and it went viral.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg. 2 days later, she landed an interview with Drake!

Bobbi 's sitting on a gold mine. The attention she's getting is worth millions in advertising, and she's getting it for free. Brands would pay a fortune to receive the kind of exposure Bobbi is getting.

So, What's Her Secret?

It's about the viral formula. Bobbi realized that traditional interviews just weren't cutting it. To stand out in a sea of podcasters, she had to add her own unique spin to her content.

By making her interviews more awkward, quirky and uncomfortable, she was able to capture her audience's attention. This strategy isn't new, either.

Just look at the success of shows like Hot Ones, Cold As Balls, and Carpool Karaoke. By adding their own unique twist to traditional interview formats, these hosts have become category leaders in their own right.

TLDR: Be different, be the leader of your category.

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