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Transform Any Video into a New Style

PLUS: The Buffett Experiment, How Spotify Beat Apple

Hey curious mind,

This Saturday’s dose to become smarter in 5 minutes:

  • How to AI: Transform Any Video into a New Style

  • The Growth Insight: The Buffett Experiment

  • What’s Up with Tech: Chevy for $1, BTC ETF

  • Tools to Unlock Your Peak Potential

  • Growth Case Study: How Spotify Beat Apple

How to AI 🖥️

Transform Any Video into a New Style

DomoAI just launched something that blew my mind! It's an AI that can completely change the style of any video you feed it.

Wanna see your family ski footage turn into a Pixar movie? Or make your dog look like a video game character? This can do it with just a few clicks.

Follow the below steps:

  1. Join their Discord group - that's where the magic happens. Just google "DomoAI Discord" and it'll pop right up.

  2. Head to the "generate video" channel and type "/video". Then, just drag and drop your video file into the chat box.

  3. Write a description of what's in the video, plus what art style you want it turned into.

  4. Choose your style: A message will pop up, where you can select styles and settings for the video output. Choose your selections and hit start.

    In a few minutes, you'll have a styled video!

The Growth Insight 🌱

The Buffett Experiment

​ In 2001, Warren Buffett gave a talk at the University of Georgia.

Here was the question he asked them:

If you could invest in a friend and get 10% of their income for the rest of their life, who would you pick?

Then he followed up - why did you choose that person? What is it about their personality or behavior that made you invest in them?

The students had a clear list of traits they could adopt in their own lives to find more success.

Buffett also had them select a friend they would SHORT or bet against. Again - what traits made you pick that person?

The students had a second list - areas to improve on based on the "loser" friend they picked.

See why this is so genius? Let me break it down...

First, this can work for anything you value - money, happiness, health, anything. What person represents the traits you aspire to in that area?

Second, we are crazy blind when evaluating ourselves. But spot on when judging others. So use friends as a mirror!

And third, your picks have to be based on merit and actions. Not random luck or genetics. Otherwise you learn nothing.

What’s Up with Tech? 🌐

  • Copilot: Microsoft Copilot users can generate music with AI.

  • Chevy: X user tricks chatbot powered by ChatGPT on Chevrolet’s site into selling him a vehicle for $1.

  • Collapse: Adobe and Figma end $20 Bn acquisition deal after regulatory hurdles in EU.

  • BTC ETF: Grayscale CEO says a Bitcoin ETF approval can open doors for “$30 trillion worth of advised wealth.”

Tools to Unlock Your Peak Potential 🛠️

📅 Agenda Hero- Create AI-generated calendar events effortlessly

🤖 Forefront- Your AI assistant for work

📚 DeepFiction- An AI platform for creating and sharing stories

💻 Quicky AI- Use AI on any website instantly just by selecting text

Growth Case Study 📈 

How Spotify Beat Apple and Built a $35B+ Empire

Apple pre-installs their Apple Music app on every single iPhone.

And back in 2008 Amazon Music was dominating with 50%+ market share.

But if you combined all of Apple and Amazon's music subscribers today, Spotify would still have almost 400 million more users.

How'd that happen?

In a nutshell:

  • Spotify got personal with the fans

  • Stroked egos so people felt special

  • Leveraged influence of big names

Let’s dive deeper.

  1. Get Personal:

    Spotify knew just having music to stream wasn't special anymore in 2010.

    So Spotify took a page from Facebook and Instagram's playbook. They used fancy algorithms to personalize each person's music experience, like your own radio station.

    First they made "Discover Weekly" - a custom personalised playlist with 30 jams picked based on your favorites. I loved mine every Monday! Then they got sneaky...

    If you listened to one artist a ton, Spotify would push their merch and concerts to you nonstop. Genius! And they made playlists for every mood like "Focus" or "Workout" to pull you in.

  2. Stroke Egos:

    But the kicker was the yearly Spotify "Wrapped". This was a personal report showing how many minutes you listened to Spotify, your top tracks, and a funny alias for what type of fan you are

    This made everyone realize I couldn't live without Spotify! And it made the price seem like a steal. When Apple and Amazon fans saw what they were missing, they jumped ship. Spotify gained 5% more share in a week!

  3. Leverage Others’ Influence:

    But the biggest play was Spotify locking down people with influence like Joe Rogan and J Cole to release stuff exclusively on their platform. They knew we'll go wherever our favs are.

Meme Bytes 😂

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