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  • The Ultimate B2B Sales Growth Hack

The Ultimate B2B Sales Growth Hack

PLUS: Turn Your Photos into Emojis in Seconds

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  • The Growth Insight: The Ultimate B2B Sales Growth Hack

  • The AI Growth Tactic: Turn Your Photos into Emojis in Seconds

  • Tools to Unlock Your Peak Potential

The Growth Insight 🌱

The Ultimate B2B Sales Growth Hack

As a startup in B2B sales, the single most important metric you should focus on is your weekly meeting count. Hear me out.

Here's a simple, no-frills process to skyrocket your B2B sales:

  1. 📋 Set a weekly meeting target - let's say 5 meetings a week.

  2. 💪 Do whatever it takes to get those meetings - cold email, ask friends, create content. Track your progress on a whiteboard or spreadsheet.

  3. 🤝 Run meetings and follow up diligently to close those deals.

  4. 🔍 Analyze what worked, what didn't, and refine your approach.

  5. ⬆️ Increase your weekly meeting target once you consistently hit the previous one.

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The benefits of this laser-sharp focus are game-changing:

You'll start getting paying customers - the lifeblood of any bootstrapped business.

You'll quickly discover your most effective activities and double down on them.

You'll identify your ideal customer profile to maximize your efforts.

Your sales process will become streamlined and efficient over time.

Forget complicated strategies - just track and improve your weekly meetings. Simple!

Learn AI in 5 Minutes a Day

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Our research team spends hundreds of hours a week summarizing the latest news, and finding you the best opportunities to save time and earn more using AI.

The AI Growth Tactic 🖥️

Turn Your Photos into Emojis in Seconds


Ever wanted to make your chats more fun with personalized emojis?
You can turn your photos into emojis for free!

Just follow these easy steps:

  • Visit: Head to the “face-to-many” model on Replicate—it's free.

  • Choose a Photo: Pick a picture you'd love to see as an emoji.

  • Set the Style: Click on “Style” and choose “Emoji”.

  • Customize: Write a simple prompt similar to your photo and play around with settings like prompt strength or seed to get it just right.

  • Create: Hit “Run” and check out your very own emoji!

Give your digital communications a unique twist with your own emoji!

Tools to Unlock Your Peak Potential 🛠️

  • Social Listening GPT: Understand audience feelings and trends with this ChatGPT tool.

  • HyperWrite AI: Automate repetitive tasks using this AI assistant.

  • Vocalo: Improve your English fluency by conversing with AI.

  • Lutra AI: Build AI workflows easily without any coding required.

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