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PLUS: Build a Cult, Bitcoin's Ride

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This Saturday’s dose to become smarter in 5 minutes:

  • Productivity Tactic: Talk to Videos with Bard

  • Growth Idea: Build a Cult

  • What’s Up with Biz-Tech: Gen Z Loves AI, Bitcoin’s Ride

  • Tools to Unlock Your Peak Potential

  • Growth Case Study: Nike’s “No” to Unstoppable Run

The Actionable Productivity Tactic 🖥️

Talk to Videos with Bard

You can now have actual conversations about YouTube videos.

Put in your link – Just copy and paste any YouTube video you're watching into Bard, then say something like "explain the main points" or "what's this guy talking about?".

Keep asking stuff – Go back and forth and ask follow up questions. For a cooking video you could be like "make this into recipe steps for me". Pretty neat trick.

Personal analyzer for creators – If you make YouTube videos, you gotta try getting Bard's input. Ask how a video could gain more views or what changes would improve it. It's like crowdsourcing improvements from a crazy smart crowd!

So yeah, with Google Bard you've got an AI friend who can chat about videos and help analyze things to the next level.

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Growth Ideas💰

Learn How to Build a Cult

Building a cult-like following is key for any brand.

Why? Because our attention spans are so short and the competition is so high. You've got to be iconic and beyond memorable to cut through the clutter.

You don't have to be the best. You just have to give people a reason to listen to you over the noise. And that's easier than you think!

Take a look at what Barstool Sports does. They basically do the same thing as ESPN—talk sports.

But they have a whole army of fans that ESPN doesn't. Why? Because while ESPN just reports, Barstool actually talks like real sports fans. See the difference?

To grab attention, just show yourself in a way that people see themselves in you. Present the kind of person that they really wanna be.

The very need of a cult is to take a side and stand by it. And that means you’ve gotta pick an enemy.

The enemy is the reason you and your fans have failed before in the past, but you're gonna team up to beat them! When people tune into you because you've also targeted the enemy they hate, that's powerful.

Iman Gadhzi is a good example. His brand portrays him as an entrepreneur educating other budding entrepreneurs on how to achieve financial freedom.

His enemy? It’s today’s education system.

What’s Up with Future Tech? 🌐

  • AI Courses: Microsoft releases gen AI courses for newbies.

  • Gen Z Loves AI: 79% British teens have used gen AI, compared to 31% adults.

  • Price War: OpenAI rival Anthropic cuts prices amid competition.

  • Bitcoin’s Ride: The current % of bitcoin held in profit hit 83% - the highest since Nov 2021

Tools to Unlock Your Peak Potential 🛠️

😴 Lucid Dreamer- Text-to-3D generation

📊 Capitol AI- Data storytelling with AI

🎥 Morise AI- Reads your videos & generates titles, tags, descriptions in seconds

🎵 Mubert- Soundtracks for your content made with AI

Growth Case Study 📈 

From Nike's "No" to a $9 Billion Shoe Empire: Olivier's Unstoppable Run

Ironman champion Olivier Bernhardt laced up his Nike sneakers daily. Hungry to push his limits, he envisioned a shoe with cloud-like cushioning.

Imagining each step to feel softer, yet propelling the runner further, Olivier eagerly pitched the idea to Nike. The answer? A silent rejection.

But where others saw a closed door, Olivier saw opportunity. Tinkering with garden hoses and running shoes, he crafted a prototype that merged soft landings with powerful push-offs.

Enter CloudTec – a groundbreaking cushioning innovation.

Together with his running comrades, 'On' was born. Initially a hit with hardcore runners, Olivier had his eyes set on a bigger prize: the global everyday shoe lover.

His secret weapon? Tennis legend Roger Federer.

As Federer donned Ons, the brand soared, making Federer not just the face of the brand but also a billionaire with a stake in the company.

Today, amidst unpredictable market waves, On's sales are surging, growing over 50% in just a year and boasting a valuation of a staggering $9Bn.

Olivier's story is the tale of a runner who turned a rejection into an empire, one step at a time.

Key Business Lessons and Growth Tactics:

🎯 Razor sharp focus: Bernhard identified a need - running shoes that provide a cushioned, barefoot-like feel. This problem focus drove product innovation.

👥 Start niche, build community: Rather than go mass market, On running first targeted niche groups like yogis and triathletes, building loyal communities. This allowed refining products and messaging.

💻 Use digital marketing extensively: Early on, On leveraged owned media channels by building an ecommerce site and social media presence to directly engage target users.

🙌 Empower brand ambassadors: On encourages fans to spread awareness by sharing their content and stories.

🤝 Strengthen via partnerships: Collaborations with major sports brands like Roger Federer helped onboard users through special edition shoes.

🌎 Go global selectively: They expanded internationally starting in Europe where the barefoot/minimalist trend was strong before entering US.

🏪 Invest in experience: Flagship stores in hip, running-friendly cities become hubs for community building and taking shoe experience to next level through technology.

⚙️ Lean operations: By outsourcing manufacturing instead of owning factories early on, On stayed asset light even while capacity increased with demand.

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