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Run Powerful AI Models on Your Phone

PLUS: Guerilla Marketing, OpenAI’s Growth, Bitcoin > Gold

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Here’s today’s dose to become smarter in 5 minutes:

  • The AI Growth Tactic: Run Powerful AI Models on Your Phone

  • The Growth Insight: Attention Hack - Guerilla Marketing

  • What’s Up with Tech: OpenAI’s Growth, Bitcoin > Gold

  • Tools to Unlock Your Peak Potential

The AI Growth Tactic 🖥️

Run Powerful AI Models on Your Phone

You can run powerful AI models right on your phone. Let me walk you through how to get set up with the LLMFarm app.

  1. You'll need to head over to the LLMFarm TestFlight page and click "Install with TestFlight." You'll need the TestFlight app too if you don't already have it. This gives you early access to try out the app.

  2. Sart testing! Open up LLMFarm and click "Start Testing" to get the app fully installed.

  3. The fun part - finding a model to use! I'd recommend checking out the options on HuggingFace. For this tutorial, let's go with the Mistral-7B model. Go to its page, then the "Files & Versions" tab to download it. Heads up - some of the beefier models take up a lot of storage space.

  4. Got the model downloaded? Sweet! In the LLMFarm app, tap "Add Model" and find the Mistral file you just grabbed. Make sure to add "[INST] [INST]" in the format section. Also toggle on Metal and MLock in prediction options.

And that's it! You should have a powerful AI model ready to use completely offline, right on your phone.

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The Growth Insight 🌱

Attention Hack - Guerilla Marketing

Just doing the same ol' Facebook ads and landing pages can get boring.

Instead, think outside the box! Find ways to grab eyeballs for cheap. Like how Adobe makes funny TikToks redesigning signs around NYC. Genius right? Millions saw it, it was free, and most didn't even realize it was an ad.

But it's not just about reach. You gotta make people feel something too. Connect with them emotionally.

One way to do this is through guerrilla marketing.

Guerrilla marketing refers to unconventional marketing tactics that aim to get maximum exposure while spending little to no money. The goal is to come up with creative, interactive, and unexpected campaigns that grab people's attention.

Here’s an example.

Gold Toe underwear line launch

Check out these 2 killer guerilla marketing campaigns for inspiration.

  1. Surreal Cereal's "fake celebrities" ads

  2. Deadpool on Tinder

    See what I mean? With a little creativity, you can market in a way that catches fire.

    The key is to come up with outside-the-box ideas tailored to your brand that make people stop, look twice, and share with others.

    Done right, guerrilla marketing generates explosive engagement at a fraction of the cost of traditional promotions.

What’s Up with Tech? 🌐

  • OpenAI’s Growth: OpenAI’s annualized revenue tops $1.6 Billion

  • Google’s Focus on AI: Google may layoff 30,000 employees to focus on AI

  • Bitcoin > Gold: Cathie Wood says Bitcoin will replace gold

Tools to Unlock Your Peak Potential 🛠️

ShipGPT AI 🚀- Create and implement AI swiftly

Easy Peasy AI ✍🏼- Create blog posts 10X faster with AI tools

AI Suggests 💻- Generate ready-to-use content & ideas for your business

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