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Prompt Hacks for Better Outputs

PLUS: Breaking Your Imaginary Circle, Doctor GPT, Robots Arrive

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This Saturday’s dose to become smarter in <5 minutes:

  • The AI Growth Tactic: Prompt Hacks for Better AI Outputs

  • The Growth Insight: Breaking Your Imaginary Circle

  • What’s Up with Tech: Doctor GPT, Robots Arrive, Bitcoin Immortal

  • Tools to Unlock Your Peak Potential

The AI Growth Tactic 🖥️

Prompt Hacks for Better AI Outputs

A research just discovered the best ways to chat with ChatGPT to really get the best possible outputs.


Let me break down what they uncovered that works:

  1. Start your request with "Your task is to..." or say "You MUST provide..." That kinda language sticks better in its brain. And slip in "Answer like a normal human would" so the responses make sense!

  2. No need for pleasantries either - you can just skip saying please or thanks. Saves some time!

  3. Mention giving a tip if you get an awesome answer. I'll be like "I'll toss you $5 if you deliver a better output!"

  4. If you want step-by-step thinking, tell it straight up - say "walk me through this logically" or "break this down piece by piece."

  5. When you tell ChatGPT what you want, use words like "do this" instead of "don't do that." Keeps things positive!

  6. If you repeat a word or phrase a few times in the prompt, it really hammers the point home on what exactly you need.

There you go - those tips should level up how you use ChatGPT/Claude/Bard!

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The Growth Insight 🌱

Breaking Your Imaginary Circle

Scientists did an experiment with ants and circles that teaches us something crucial.

They'd draw a circle around an ant with a marker.

And even though it's just an imaginary line to us, that little guy sees it as a real barrier and gets trapped! Ants stay stuck for a few minutes before realizing they can actually bust through.

But once they do, that same circle trick doesn't work again.

Pretty similar to us humans, right?

We all have these mental circles - fake barriers about what we can achieve. Invisible walls we THINK are real obstacles.

The book Psycho-Cybernetics breaks it down simply:

  1. Beliefs about what's possible for anyone out there to accomplish.

  2. Beliefs about what WE can do ourselves.

Seeing others kick down barriers expands belief #1. But at the end of the day, OUR self-image is everything. Without an inner wiring that aligns with success, even high quality skills and opportunities go nowhere.

So what can we do about it? Maxwell says we gotta hack our feedback loops.

Don't reinforce loops saying you CAN'T. Like getting scared of challenges, avoiding them, then believing even harder you don't got what it takes.

But DO reinforce loops aligned with achievement. Like taking on scary opportunities until that becomes your new normal wiring.

It's about reprogramming those brain pathways! Smash through enough invisible circles and suddenly bigger barriers can't stop you.

What’s Up with Tech? 🌐

  • Doctor GPT: 84% of people in survey say that ChatGPT got their diagnosis right.

  • Intel AI: Intel launches an enterprise-focused AI company called Articul8 AI.

  • Robots Arrive: Google DeepMind researchers introduced Mobile Aloha - an open-source robotic system that can do complex tasks like cooking, cleaning, etc.

  • Bitcoin Immortal: Jim Cramer’s talking about Bitcoin and said it can’t be killed

Tools to Unlock Your Peak Potential 🛠️

Klu 📧- One search bar for your Gmail accounts

Planfit 🏋️‍♂️- Personalized workout coaching

Uizard ✍🏻- Design wireframes and mockups easily

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