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Get Personalized Fitness Guidance from AI

PLUS: Activision, Start a Podcast with AI, Become Indistractable

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Here’s your dose for today to get smarter in 3 minutes:

  • Get Personalized Fitness Guidance from AI

  • Investment Avenue: Activision Blizzard

  • Side Hustle: Start a Podcast with AI

  • Become Indistractable

  • Dr. GPT, Firefly AI, ChatGPT Beats Wharton MBAs

  • Tools to Unlock Your Peak Potential

The Actionable AI Insight 🖥️

Get Personalized Fitness Guidance from AI

Feeling lost about how to reach your fitness goals? Wish you had an expert coach guiding you along the way?

AI tools like ChatGPT and Claude can be your personalized fitness genies, dishing out customized plans to help you crush those goals.

Wanna lose that stubborn belly fat? Ask Claude to whip up a fat burning plan with the right combo of HIIT routines, weights, nutrition. Tailored to your body type and schedule. 💥

Getting ready to crush your first 5K run? Have ChatGPT map out a 9 week training program to safely build your running endurance. Mile by mile guidance personalized for your current fitness. 🏃‍♀️

Just had a baby and need to rebuild core strength? Claude can factor in pregnancy/postpartum considerations and start you off gently. You got this mama! 💪

Get step-by-step coaching for YOUR body and goals. Bring the heat and reach those fitness peaks!

Keep in mind: More context, Better results.

Prompt: I am a male in my 40s, wanting to gain muscle. I live a sedentary lifestyle mostly, but do walk 10K steps on weekends. I have access to a home gym with limited equipment including a bench, free weights, a cycle, pushup bars and ab roller. I am willing to commit 1 hour a day for workout. Can you suggest a weekly workout plan that can help me attain my goals?

Investment Avenues & Side Hustle Ideas 📈

Investment Avenue: Activision Blizzard Inc (NASDAQ: ATVI)

Today we're diving deep on Activision Blizzard, better known as ATVI. But first, let's zoom out and peep the overall gaming market...

In 2022, gaming pulled in a whopping $184 billion globally! By 2030, we could be looking at a $435 billion market as more peeps become players. That's a lot of PlayStation and Minecraft out there!

Now onto Activision Blizzard - these boss levels are behind some of the most legendary franchises like Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Candy Crush. Recently, ATVI has been posting solid numbers - they grew revenue from $7.5 billion in 2018 to $8.8 billion in 2022. The net margin is pretty solid and stands at 25%+.

Btw, you should know that Microsoft rocked the gaming world in 2022 by announcing a $68.7 billion plan to acquire Activision Blizzard, but in late 2023 the blockbuster deal remains stalled under regulatory scrutiny.

Anyway, Let's jump into the bull and bear cases for ATVI.

Bull Case:

  • Call of Duty is a beast of a franchise, with a rabid fanbase of wanna-be soldiers. Talk about reliable revenue!

  • ATVI is doubling down on mobile, which is the fastest growing segment. More taps = more money.

  • With $9.5 billion in cash, ATVI has plenty of dry powder to use for acquiring hot new studios.

Bear Case:

  • Console gaming growth could slow with more competition for attention spans nowadays.

  • Regulators are sniffing around loot boxes and addictive game design tactics. Potential trouble.

Overall, ATVI has some strong franchises like Call of Duty and growth opportunities in mobile gaming. But the stock faces uncertainty with the gaming market maturing and competitive threats emerging.

Disclaimer: Not a financial advice. Do your own due diligence.

Side Hustle Idea: Start a Podcast with AI

It may seem like everyone has a podcast these days. But don't let that fool you - launching a podcast still offers massive potential. With the right unique take, you can still break through the noise.

The market is huge. Podcasting accounted for $18.5 billion in 2021, and it's expected to reach $130 billion in 2030.

Joe Rogan earns $30 million a year just chatting on mic. Damn!

Joe Rogan Wow GIF by UFC


For someone just starting out and willing to put in serious effort, a couple thousand dollars a month at the least should be doable with the right strategy.

Benefits that you can expect:

  • Thousands of loyal listeners🎧

  • Sponsorship deals 💰

  • Established expertise in your niche 💡

  • Networking with influential guests 🤝

You can reduce the time it takes to manage your podcast by 75% by using AI tools. In addition, it will save you a lot of money on editing and promoting your podcast

Here is the AI tech stack you can use to save time and money.

First up - Prep time. ChatGPT's got your back researching and summarizing topics so you're armed with knowledge.

Next - Scripting time. Perplexity answers your burning questions and Claude/ChatGPT generate some fascinating discussion points. Get those creative convos flowing.

Then - Showtime! Have an authentic ear-grabbing conversation. Keep it human.

After - Transcription and Editing. Descript transcribes and edits your pod, making you sound like a pro.

Finally - Promote that masterpiece. GlossAi creates slick teaser clips. Claude/Writer generate hype captions. And Canva designs graphics and visuals to spread the word.

See how the AI squad takes care of the busy work - so you can focus on rockin' the mic.

Ready to be the next smash hit podcast in your niche? Start recording and meet me in the charts! 🎙️📈

The Key Productivity / Growth Insight 💡

Become Indistractable

We're living in an age of non-stop digital distractions. Our devices and apps are intentionally designed to be habit-forming and steal our attention. Before you know it, hours vanish down rabbit holes of TikTok and doomscrolling. grimacing emoji

But it doesn't have to be this way! You can take back control. How? By becoming indistractable.

In Indistractable, Nir Eyal says that If we want to master distraction, we must learn to deal with discomfort.

Becoming indistractable involves four steps:

  1. Eliminate external triggers:

  • Turn off notifications during work hours.

  • Unsubscribe from distracting emails lists.

  • Put your phone in another room while working.

  1. Overcome internal triggers:

  • When you get bored studying, plan a quick dance break.

  • If you crave social media, call a friend for a quick chat instead.

  1. Make time for traction:

  • Block off distraction time after finishing a task.

  • Use website blockers to limit access during work periods.

  1. Prevent distraction with pacts:

  • Enlist an accountability buddy to check in on progress.

  • Bet a friend you'll finish your proposal in 2 days.

The key is to remove triggers and make important tasks juicy by rewarding yourself, gamifying them, and adding accountability.

Stop blaming external factors - take control and choose your life. That's how to become indistractable!

The Future, Today: Key Tech-Biz Headlines 🌐

  1. Dr GPT: ChatGPT found a rare disease in a child that 17 doctors missed

  2. Firefly AI: Adobe's AI-powered features like Photoshop Generative Fill are now available to everyone.

  3. Tastes Like Hype: Coca-Cola launches a new AI-generated flavor.

  4. ChatGPT beats 200 Wharton MBAs on creativity test: This study demonstrates generative AI's remarkable performance on tasks previously considered human-only.

  5. Franklin Templeton filed for a spot Bitcoin ETF: The fund manager with $1.4T in AUM has joined the Bitcoin ETF race.

Tools to Unlock Your Peak Potential 🛠️

Salesforge 📧: Let AI be your email copywriter. Salesforge matches your customer data with pre-written email templates to generate customized sequences that get replies while protecting your sender reputation.

BetterPic 📸: Tired of unprofessional photos holding you back? Transform any casual pic into a professional headshot in seconds with BetterPic's AI photo enhancer.

Adorilabs 🎥: Want to transform your blog posts into stunning videos? Adorilabs automates the process, turning your written content into awesome videos in minutes. Captivate your audience without complex production.

DocuSpeed 📄: Stop wasting time deciphering dense documents. DocuSpeed summarizes key insights, asks questions, and provides instant full-text translations to simplify research and bypass language barriers.

myReach 🤖: Unlock the knowledge trapped in your documents and notes with your own personal AI assistant. Chat with your content, visualize connections, and build a searchable database tailored to you.

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