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Revolutionizing AI with 'Bring Your Own Model'

PLUS: PayPal's Stablecoin, Alibaba's AI Move, Apple's AIPhone, Meta Deepdive, Unlock Your Potential

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  • PayPal's New Crypto Move, Alibaba's AI Power Move, Apple’s aiPhone

  • Revolutionizing AI with 'Bring Your Own Model’

  • Meta Stock Deep Dive

  • Tools to 10X Your Productivity

  • Unlock Potential Through Belief

🌐 What’s Up With AI, Web3, and Other Tech? 🌐

  • PayPal's New Crypto Move: PayPal's diving deep into the cryptocurrency realm! Teaming up with Paxos, they're introducing the PayPal USD (PYUSD) - a US dollar stablecoin that isn't just digital glitz. Every PYUSD on the Ethereum network has real dollars backing it up.

  • SEC to Take a Call on Ark Invest’s Bitcoin ETF application: Mark August 13th on your crypto calendar! It's the deadline for SEC to decide on Ark Invest’s Bitcoin ETF application. Why the buzz? Heavyweights like BlackRock and Fidelity, with trillions in assets, await their turn too. Ark's the first in line.

  • Apple & Amazon Going All-In on AI: Apple's deepening its AI research and investment, says Cook. Amazon CEO Andy Jassy highlights every Amazon sector is diving into AI projects. Both giants boost R&D funds for AI, eyeing big future breakthroughs.

  • Alibaba's AI Power Move: Alibaba's stepping into the AI limelight, offering its model to external developers. This bold play positions them toe-to-toe with US tech titans Meta and OpenAI.

  • Apple’s aiPhone: Apple is on a hiring spree for top talent in large language models (LLMs), hinting at revolutionary projects on the horizon. The effort is dedicated at compressing and running entire AI models on iPhones.

🖥️ The Big Emerging Tech Use Case 🖥️

Einstein Studio: Revolutionizing AI with 'Bring Your Own Model’


In a thrilling move, Salesforce, after introducing its Einstein AI in 2016, unveils the Einstein Studio, enabling businesses to bring their unique AI models straight to the table. Imagine merging your finely-tuned external AI model with Salesforce's vast data in Data Cloud.

Key Highlights:

  1. Bring Your Own Model (BYOM): Companies can import their proprietary AI models into Salesforce's Data Cloud. This facilitates the integration of external custom AI models with Salesforce's ecosystem.

  2. Data Integration with Zero ETL: The platform allows businesses to incorporate their data without the time-consuming and complex processes of extracting, and loading it. This means faster and more efficient data utilization.

  3. Leverage Pre-existing Investments: Companies that have built AI models elsewhere, like on Amazon SageMaker, can now capitalize on those investments by integrating these models into the Salesforce environment.

  4. Merging External Models with Salesforce Data: When businesses bring in an external AI model and blend it with Salesforce's in-house data, they can derive richer insights and better decision-making capabilities.

  5. Support for Multiple Platforms: Initially supporting Amazon SageMaker, Salesforce also plans to accommodate other major platforms, ensuring broader compatibility and flexibility for businesses.

The Bottom Line: 

In essence, Einstein Studio empowers businesses with sophisticated data capabilities, allowing them to maximize their AI efforts within the Salesforce framework.

📈 Tech Stocks / Crypto Deep Dives 📈


Meta Platforms Inc (META), previously known as Facebook, has been a point of contention in the investor community. The stock has experienced significant growth in 2023, with its stock rising nearly 150% since the beginning of the year.


The company's stock trajectory and business decisions have generated varying opinions. Here, we'll analyze the bull and bear cases for Meta, utilizing the information from provided search results.

Bull Case:

  1. Profitability: Meta's profitability cannot be overlooked. Despite the challenges the company faces, its track record is remarkable. Between 2015 and 2022, Meta's revenue increased from $17.9B to $116.6B. This growth did not compromise profits; the company's operating income jumped from $6.2B to $28.9B during the same period.

  2. Recovery from AI Integration: Recent reports suggest that Meta's stock has risen, likely because of their advancements in artificial intelligence, a clear indication that they're adapting to new technological trends.

  3. Cost Cutting: After crashing by ~80%, the resurgence of Meta's stock began when the company announced its first round of job cuts. Another surge was seen after a second round of job cuts in March.

Bear Case:

  1. Revenue Growth Stagnation: Meta's stock underwent a period of decline after its revenue growth began to falter. The grand metaverse project became a significant financial drain, leading to decreased enthusiasm among investors.

  2. Challenges in Business: From declining revenue to intensifying competition from platforms like TikTok, the threat of an extended recession, and a misjudgment in their metaverse venture, Meta is grappling with multiple challenges.

  3. Reality Labs Project: In 2022, Meta lost $13.7B on its metaverse project, Reality Labs. Despite the release of the Quest Pro, the metaverse hasn't garnered the expected consumer attention, making the investment seem questionable.

  4. Apple's Privacy Shift: Apple's privacy policy change, which started with the iOS 14.5 update, significantly impacted Meta. With most users opting out of tracking their activity across 3rd party sites, Meta lost valuable data, hindering their targeted advertising approach. This resulted in a ~$10B revenue loss for the company in 2022.

Our Take: Hold / Moderate Buy

The future of Meta is hanging by a damn thread right now. It's like standing at the edge of a cliff with a blindfold on. There are big-ass challenges looming, but Meta's also cooking up some tricks up their sleeves to punch back.

Disclaimer: Not a financial advice. Do your own due diligence.

🛠️ Productivity & Growth Hack Tools 🛠️

  • Hey Data: No task too complex, delegate away.

  • Slidespeak: Curious about a PPT Deck? Just ask for info in the slides!

  • Cotyper: Chrome extension to create copilots to use around the web.

  • Hyperlight: Revolutionize your customer support.

  • Vairflow: Supercharge your team with Vairflow’s AI-driven workflow. Build smart, fast, and cost-effectively.

💡 The Key Productivity Insight 💡

Mindset: Unlocking Potential Through Belief

Our beliefs about our abilities shape our behavior, outcomes, and the trajectory of our lives. Carol S. Dweck's groundbreaking research reveals two distinct mindsets:

  1. Fixed Mindset: The belief that abilities are static and can't be changed.

  2. Growth Mindset: The belief that abilities can be developed through effort, strategies, and input from others.

Example: Fixed: "Feedback is criticism." Vs. Growth: "Feedback helps me grow."

Here’s how to develop a growth mindset:

  • Embrace challenges and see them as opportunities to grow.

  • When faced with setbacks, avoid thinking, "I can't do it" and instead ask, "What can I learn from this?"

  • Celebrate effort over outcome.

  • Actively seek feedback and view it as a tool for improvement.

By adopting a growth mindset, you can achieve more and unlock your full potential.

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