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How to Create Brands like Apple & LV

PLUS: Create an AI Clone of Yourself

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  • The Growth Insight: How to Create Brands like Apple & LV

  • The AI Growth Tactic: Create an AI Clone of Yourself

  • What’s Up with Tech: Crypto ETFs Evolve, Siri’s Saviour

  • Tools to Unlock Your Peak Potential

The Growth Insight 🌱

How to Create Brands like Apple & LV

Louis Vuitton & Apple are in the same business. 


They play on the same values - aspiration and exclusivity.

Steve Jobs Apple GIF

Let's dive into the secret sauce that made Apple and Louis Vuitton icons of their time:

  • Be the Hero: Behind every epic brand is a hero. Think of Steve Jobs at Apple or Enzo. Your founder isn't just a CEO; they're the star of your brand's story. Make them shine!

  • Tell Unforgettable Tales: The best brands have the best stories. Like James Dean's final ride in his Porsche, or how Lamborghini was born from a feud with. Spin tales that stick.

  • Play Hard to Get: Ever noticed the queues for the latest iPhone? Making your product a bit hard to get can actually make it more wanted.

  • Embrace History: Louis Vuitton and Audrey Hepburn. Napoleon and his Breguet watch. When historical icons love your brand, everyone else does too.

  • Keep It Exclusive: If everyone has it, it's not special. Rolls Royce and Porsche keep their products rare, and that's why they're so coveted. Aim for rarity.

  • Dare to Disrupt: Sometimes, ruffling feathers is a good thing. Apple's charger or Louis Vuitton's high-end covid mask? Controversy keeps you in the conversation.

  • Cultivate Devotees, Not Just Customers: True fans will camp out for the latest release, whether it's an iPhone.. Aim to turn your customers into die-hard followers.

Make your brand more than a logo; make it a legend.

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The AI Growth Tactic 🖥️

Create an AI Clone of Yourself

Unlock the future of digital creativity with the revolutionary power to create AI clones—Heygen.com makes this cutting-edge technology accessible to everyone. Here's how you can craft your digital twin with ease:

  • Dive In: Start by signing up on Heygen.com for free, unlocking your very first Avatar creation.

  • Choose Your Path: Under the Avatar tab, select the Instant Avatar option to begin your journey.

  • Capture the Moment: Record a 2-minute video in a well-lit environment, ensuring the camera is stable and your gestures are natural.

  • Bring to Life: Upload your video to Heygen, where it's transformed into an animated avatar.

  • Personalize Your Message: Customize your avatar's voice and script on the video creation page, with help from the GPT scriptwriter for dialogue.

  • Engage Your Audience: Add captions to your video, editing for clarity or importing a pre-made caption file for convenience.

Heygen.com isn't just a platform; it's a gateway to unleashing your creative potential, enabling creators to forge deeper, more personal connections with their audience through the magic of AI avatars.

Here’s my clone talking to you.

What’s Up with Tech? 🌐

AI Upgrade Alert: Brace yourselves for GPT-5, rumored to be a "materially better" version of ChatGPT, set to launch this summer, leaving the current model in the dust.

Weather Forecasting Fortified: Nvidia's Earth-2 supercomputing platform promises to be a game-changer, empowering us to predict extreme weather events with unprecedented accuracy.

Crypto ETFs Evolve: As Bitcoin ETFs make their debut, Ethereum ETFs are next in line, with Grayscale and Fidelity paving the way by incorporating ETH staking into their applications.

Siri's Savior Search: Apple is on the hunt for AI allies, engaging with tech giants like Google and OpenAI to revamp Siri and elevate the iPhone's AI capabilities.

Tools to Unlock Your Peak Potential 🛠️

  • Story- Create engaging videos with AI

  • TheyDo- Analyze and map customer journeys to derive insights

  • Quilt- AI automation for solutions teams to 10x their productivity

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