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Generate Realistic AI Images with Readable Text

PLUS: Hacks for Faster Promotions and Double Digit Hikes

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This Saturday’s dose to become smarter in 5 minutes:

  • The AI Growth Tactic: Generate Realistic AI Images with Readable Text

  • The Growth Insight: Hacks for Faster Promotions and Double Digit Hikes

  • What’s Up with Tech: AI Boost, Costly Controls

  • Tools to Unlock Your Peak Potential

The AI Growth Tactic 🖥️

Generate Realistic AI Images with Readable Text

Let's dive into making ultra-realistic AI images with clear text! Here's a fun and simple guide using Ideogram's free tool:

  1. Head to Ideogram. You can create 25 awesome images every single day.

  2. Type your prompt into the box that says, “Describe what you want to see here”. Not sure what to write? Use the Magic Prompt feature and let the AI jazz up your idea.

  3. Next, pick the style that vibes with what you're imagining. Then, choose how big or small you want your image.

  4. Hit “Generate” and Watch four unique images pop up in just a few seconds.


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The Growth Insight 🌱

Hacks for Faster Promotions and Double Digit Hikes

Making sure your tasks and wins are visible to your manager is key.

Don't wait for the end-of-year review to highlight your contributions!

Instead, have a weekly 1-on-1 call with your manager.

These calls need to be about specific (if possible, quantifiable progess you're making). Not just random stuff around work.

Cover these 4 essential points during every call.

Write an email too so that it is documented.

  1. Your Tasks: Share what was expected of you.

  2. Your Wins: Highlight what you've achieved or the impact you've made.

  3. Your Challenges: Talk about any hurdles or blockers you've faced.

  4. Your Potential: Suggest how you could do even more with resources X, Y, and Z.

This approach keeps you visible, showing off your contributions and how you're ready to tackle more.

It's a smart way to stay on your manager's radar, making sure they see your value week by week. 

What’s Up with Tech? 🌐

  • AI Boost: Meta's new AI model enhances Facebook Reels, boosting watch time by up to 10%.

  • Crypto Rollercoaster: Bitcoin's wild ride reaches a new peak at $69,000, then dips to $60,000.

  • Innovative Rivals: Ex-Deepmind duo unveils Haiper, stepping into the AI-powered video generation arena.

  • Costly Controls: Apple faces a hefty $2B EU fine for restricting Spotify's payment options outreach.

Tools to Unlock Your Peak Potential 🛠️

🛍 DeepFashion: Revolutionize your wardrobe with custom AI-curated fashion styles.

🚀 Ema: Your AI powerhouse streamlining intricate business processes.

🌟 Dopt: The in-app guide ensuring users navigate smoothly without hitches.

Stay with us for your weekly dose of tech innovation, wisdom, and growth.

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