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Crafting Revolutionary Antibodies with AI

PLUS: Google’s AI Project, Aptos + Microsoft, Deep Dive on ETH, Clear Your Mind

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Here’s what we have for you today to become smarter in 3 minutes:

  • Google’s AI Project, China High on Nvidia, Aptos + Microsoft

  • Unleashing AI's Potential: Crafting Revolutionary Antibodies

  • Deep Dive on ETH (Ethereum)

  • Top Productivity & Growth Hack Tools

  • Clear Your Mind; Organize Tasks Externally

🌐 What’s Up With AI, Web3, and Other Tech? 🌐

  • Google's AI-Powered Dev Playground: Project IDX: Google unveils Project IDX: an AI-boosted browser tool for swift, quality coding. Featuring smart code completion and a helpful chatbot, it's set to revolutionize web app development. Join the waitlist and be part of the future!

  • China's Tech Titans Bulk Buy Nvidia AI Chips: China's tech behemoths like Baidu, ByteDance, Tencent, and Alibaba splurge $5 billion on Nvidia's AI chips, with a major focus on the A800 processor. Amid U.S. export curbs, Nvidia adjusts offerings to cater to China's AI aspirations.

  • Spotify's DJ Goes Global: Spotify's DJ, the AI music guide tailored to your tastes, now hits 50 global markets. With a voice modeled after Xavier Jernigan, DJ offers commentary and curated tunes. Find it on Spotify Premium and let AI introduce you to your next fav track! 🎵

  • Aptos & Microsoft - Pioneering AI-Blockchain Fusion:

    Aptos Labs teams up with Microsoft, blending Azure OpenAI with blockchain. This powerhouse partnership aims to boost Web3 accessibility and innovate in AI and DeFi. With joint ventures spanning from tokenization to AI-driven coding tools, the future of AI-blockchain integration looks promising!

  • Crypto’s Almost Mainstream: Coinbase salutes New York's crypto enthusiasm! With 19% residents owning crypto and 52% of Fortune 100 diving into blockchain since 2020, the state isn't just a tech hub but a crypto trendsetter.

🖥️ The Big Emerging Tech Use Case 🖥️

Unleashing AI's Potential: Crafting Revolutionary Antibodies

Imagine a world where antibodies, the guardians of our health, are custom-crafted not by years of human trial and error but by the rapid, expansive power of AI. We're stepping into this reality!


Key Highlights

  • Traditional protein engineering is like navigating a maze: slow, methodical steps hoping for success.

  • Often, humans get stuck in a cycle of making minuscule tweaks for minimal improvements.

  • Enter AI: Its fresh perspective is unveiling antibody designs so unique, humans wouldn't have dreamed of them.

  • The speed of AI-driven health innovations is mind-blowing. The healthcare revolution isn't on the horizon; it's unfolding now!

The Bottom Line: 

With every AI advancement in healthcare, we're not just taking a step, but a leap into the future. When will these leaps turn into a flight for healthcare? Hold on, because the metamorphosis of medicine is already in motion!

📈 Tech Stocks / Crypto Deep-Dives 📈

ETH (Ethereum)

What's Ethereum, Anyway? Imagine a digital LEGO land where you can craft, run, and play with any kind of software. That's Ethereum - a wonderland for tech enthusiasts, way beyond just digital money like Bitcoin.

What's the Buzz Right Now? Ethereum's price has been on a roller-coaster, taking a deep dive from its peak last year. But, there's a silver lining! PayPal is teaming up with MetaMask, giving Ethereum a fresh spotlight.

ETH has given a run up this year, close to a 50% run up YTD.

Bull Case:

  1. Eco-Friendly Ethereum: Their new tech update is like swapping a gas-guzzler for an electric car – clean and efficient!

  2. Ethereum's Playground: Loads of cool digital projects are choosing Ethereum as their home, and that could mean more demand for Ethereum.

  3. Bouncing Back: Ethereum’s price is bouncing back like a resilient rubber ball from its 2022 lows.

  4. Charting The Future: Numbers geeks hint that after breaking its $2K wall, Ethereum might settle around a cozy $1,550 by the end of 2023.

Bear Case:

  1. Federal Reserve's Big Move: They’ve jacked up the U.S. borrowing costs. So? A mighty dollar could dwarf Ethereum’s value.

  2. The Bitcoin Vs. Ethereum Drama: Some die-hard Bitcoin fans think it’ll leave Ethereum in the dust, especially as they're skeptical about Ethereum's behind-the-scenes tech stuff.

Our Take: Strong Buy

Ethereum remains the leading platform for smart contracts and dApps, making it an attractive investment choice. If you're thinking of hopping on for the ride, remember to pack some solid advice and do your homework.

Disclaimer: Not a financial advice. Do your own due diligence.

🛠️ Productivity & Growth Hack Tools 🛠️

 Magic Studio: Turn product photos from 'meh' to 'WOW' in a snap!

🎙️ Spinach.io: Say goodbye to long meetings. Get straight-to-the-point summaries & tasks.

🖥️ Super: Got a Notion database? Spin it into a website like magic!

📆 CleverContent: Fill your social media calendar faster than you can say 'content'!

🪄 Framer AI: Describe. Click. Boom! Your website's ready.

💡 The Key Productivity Insight 💡

Clear Your Mind; Organize Tasks Externally

Look, life's a mess, right? We've all got a zillion things buzzing in our heads, and our to-do lists are like that drunk uncle at family gatherings: out of control and noisy.

Enter David Allen's ‘Getting Things Done’. It's the badass approach to telling chaos, "Not today, pal."

The Gist: Your brain sucks at remembering tasks, so let's not use it for storage.

Here's How You Get Things Done Like a Boss:

  1. Capture the Crazy: Every mad idea or task, scribble it down. Got a midnight craving for tacos? Into the list, it goes. Presentation for the boss? Write that sh*t down.

  2. Make it Stupid Simple: "Plan a holiday" is vague. "Stalk Airbnb for cool treehouses in Costa Rica" is direct. Be precise.

  3. Pimp Your List: Sort tasks. Assign due dates. The more bling, the better.

  4. Weekly Brain-Dumps: Spill your list, look at what’s working, trash what isn’t.

  5. Kick Ass: With a clean slate and a killer plan, it's go time!

Life's short. Don't waste it on crappy to-do lists. GTD it and show your tasks who's the boss.

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