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User Retention > User Acquisition

PLUS: Streamline Your Meetings with Notion AI

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  • The Growth Insight: Customer Retention >= Customer Acquisition

  • The AI Growth Tactic: Streamline Your Meetings: Automate Notes with Notion AI

  • Tools to Unlock Your Peak Potential

The Growth Insight 🌱

Customer Retention >= Customer Acquisition

Every business obsesses over the Cost to Acquire Customers (CAC). It’s a big deal.

But what about keeping those customers around?

Sadly, that often seems like an afterthought.

However, holding on to existing customers is not just valuable—it can be more critical than snagging new ones. Plus, it's usually easier.

But, businesses that nail customer retention are the ones taking over their markets.

They're not just running a sales pipeline; they're also running a retention pipeline. And believe it or not, they're not just keeping their money—they're making more of it.

Let’s break down some simple ways to keep your customers coming back:

  • Surprise Gifts: Take a page from Stripe's book—send timely gifts to show your appreciation.

  • Loyalty Discounts: Reward your long-term customers with special discounts.

  • Spot the Signs: Just like you spot sales triggers, look for retention triggers—signs a customer might leave. When you spot one, take actions to keep them happy.

By focusing on keeping the customers you have, you're not just saving on acquisition costs—you're building a business that's set to outlast and outperform the competition.

Steal this social growth hack from Nvidia and SaaStr

Short video is the #1 way that brands grow on social today.

But you probably don’t have time for it, right?

Neither do marketers at Nvidia and SaaStr — That’s why they use AI tools that do all the legwork for them, allowing them to post hundreds of shorts and get hundreds of thousands of views.

Here’s their strategy that you can rip:

  1. Start with any of your company’s video assets, like a webinar

  2. Upload it to OpusClip, and the AI will cut it into clips with branded captions, B-Roll, and more

  3. Use OpusClip’s social media scheduler to queue 2-3 clips per day.

  4. Repeat 1 → 3

The AI Growth Tactic 🖥️

Streamline Your Meetings: Automate Notes with Notion AI

With Notion AI, streamline your meetings by automatically summarizing them, creating topic tags, capturing tasks, and organizing your notes with the handy 'auto-fill properties' feature.

Notion Being Productive GIF

Start by opening Notion on your device or computer.

  • Create a database just for your meeting notes. Add fields for things like the date, who was there, a brief summary, what you talked about, and any tasks you need to do.

  • Turn on the auto-fill feature in Notion AI to fill in the details. Click on 'Property', tweak it under 'Edit Property', choose 'AI Auto-fill', and type in what you want it to do.

  • Pro tip: Switch on 'Auto Update on Page Edits' so your note details refresh automatically whenever you make changes!

Tools to Unlock Your Peak Potential 🛠️

🛍 DeepFashion: Revolutionize your wardrobe with custom AI-curated fashion styles.

🚀 Ema: Your AI powerhouse streamlining intricate business processes.

🌟 Dopt: The in-app guide ensuring users navigate smoothly without hitches.

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