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Create Jaw-Dropping Visuals & Websites with AI

PLUS: Adobe as an Investment Avenue, Less is More, Tools to 10X Your Productivity

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Here’s your dose for today to become smarter in 3 minutes:

  • Create Jaw-Dropping Visuals with ChatGPT’s Canva plugin

  • Create Stunning Websites with AI Web Design Tools

  • Investment Avenue: Adobe

  • The Key Insight: Less is More

  • Elon’s AI Powerhouse, JP Morgan Eyes Blockchain for Payments, etc.

  • Tools to 10X Your Productivity

The Actionable AI Insight 🖥️

Create Jaw-Dropping Visuals with ChatGPT’s Canva plugin

Have you heard about ChatGPT's exciting new Canva integration? This game-changing feature allows you to easily create stunning visuals right within your conversations.

Step 1 - Activate Canva: You'll need to activate the Canva plugin. Just head over to ChatGPT's plugin store and search for "Canva."

Install it with one click.

Step 2 - Craft Visual: Now comes the really fun part. You can describe any visual design to ChatGPT, just like you would in a regular conversation.

For example, say "Create an eye-catching YouTube thumbnail for a video about generative AI’s future." ChatGPT will instantly generate a beautiful, on-brand thumbnail.

Step 3 - Modify + Export: Once the visual is created, click the link above it to customize the design directly in Canva. Tweak and tailor it - make it your own!

When you're happy with your creation, download high-res image files with one click.

This game-changing integration makes it simpler than ever to produce stunning branded visuals for your social media, videos, blog posts, and more.

Side Hustle Ideas & Investment Avenues 📈

Side Hustle Idea: Create Stunning Websites in Minutes with AI Web Design Tools

Advanced AI tools like website builders are an absolute game changer for aspiring web designers. They make the entire website creation process incredibly simple, fast, and efficient.

Drag-and-drop interfaces, pre-designed templates, and smart AI features make it so easy to quickly build gorgeous, high-converting websites tailored specifically to your clients' needs.

Unlike traditional web design, you can now:

  • Choose from thousands of professionally designed templates

  • Customize themes, colors, fonts, layouts, and more

  • Add ecommerce stores, portfolios, blogs, and other features

  • Preview site changes in real-time

  • Speedily complete projects 10x faster than before

  • Optimize for SEO

So why spend weeks coding and designing sites from scratch?

With game-changing AI web design tools like Framer and 10web, you can rapidly create beautiful, optimized websites that drive results for your clients.


You don't need to be a coding expert to build exceptional websites anymore. The tech does the work for you - it's time to leverage it!

The demand for websites is only booming. No better time to take a serious stab at this.

Investment Avenue: Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE)

Adobe is a computer software company that offers creative software products and services worldwide. It is best known for its Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premiere Pro.

Over the past decade, it has transitioned from selling perpetual software licenses to a subscription-based model with Creative Cloud. This strategic shift has driven steady revenue growth. Adobe’s total revenue has increased from $4.4 Bn in 2012 to $15.8 Bn in 2022.

Bull Case for Adobe Stock:

  • Strong brand recognition and market leadership in creative software space. Adobe products are industry standard tools.

  • Sticky subscription business model leads to predictable, recurring revenue streams. Over 90% of revenue is derived from subscriptions.

  • Growing total addressable market as more industries go digital. Adobe is expanding offerings into areas like analytics, e-commerce, and customer journey management.

  • Ability to expand existing customer accounts by cross-selling products and services. Adobe has land and expand strategy.

  • New product innovations like AI-powered features attract more users and enable creation of experiences not previously possible.

  • Strong balance sheet with over $4 billion in cash and short-term investments.

Bear Case for Adobe Stock:

  • Dependence on continued demand for Creative Cloud subscriptions. Any slowdown can negatively impact revenue.

  • Increasing competition from companies like Canva that offer easy-to-use design software alternatives.

  • Integration challenges with recent acquisitions like Figma and Frame.io. Failed integrations can destroy shareholder value.

  • Potential for disruption from new entrants leveraging AI/ML advancements in digital media workflows.

Adobe is a strong business with leadership in the creative software space. However, it faces serious risks from competition & integration challenges.

Disclaimer: Not a financial advice. Do your own due diligence.

The Key Productivity + Growth Insight 💡

Less is More

In their book called ‘Rework’, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson argue that success comes from less - less busywork, less meetings, less counting hours. The core insight is to focus on what really matters: your core product and satisfying customers.

Here are some No BS actionable tips:

  • Don't overplan. Launch your minimum viable product quickly and improve iteratively based on feedback. Perfectionism leads to procrastination.

  • Decline busywork. Most meetings, reports, and paperwork don't contribute real value. Say no.

  • Build half a product, not a half-assed one. Get something to market quickly to test assumptions. Then refine based on reactions.

  • Listen closely to customers and let that inform product development. They understand their needs better than you.

  • Stay small and agile. Bureaucracy stifles creativity and speed.

  • Focus on productive work, not face time. Measure results, not hours.

  • Do less but better. Play to your strengths and keep it simple.

Fried and Hansson advocate stripping away unnecessary complexity and focusing energy on the essentials that customers truly value.

Deliver quality through simplicity.

The Future, Today: Key Tech-Biz Headlines 🌐

  • Elon's Brewing an AI Powerhouse: Elon's grand plan - fuse Neuralink, Tesla & Twitter data into one beastly AI, fueled by real-world images and Tweets. This formula aims to create a game-changing AI colossus.

  • Google Demands AI Transparency: Google now requires AI-altered content in political ads to be disclosed, reinforcing trust before the US election. A bold move for transparency.

  • $6 Billion for a Fleet of AI Drones: The Air Force wants to build autonomous XQ-58A Valkyrie drones, powered by AI. With China advancing, can the US compete in the AI-drone manufacturing race?

  • Bybit's New AI Trading Assistant: Dubai crypto exchange Bybit just launched TradeGPT - an AI providing real-time trading tips in multiple languages. It taps ChatGPT & Bybit data to deliver strategies, analysis and more.

  • JP Morgan Eyes Blockchain for Payments: Goal - accelerate cross-border payments & settlements using blockchain-based deposit tokens. Could this tech disrupt global finance?

  • Google Opens Door to NFT Games: Google reversed course - it will now allow ads for NFT games starting this month. A big move as crypto gaming keeps advancing.

Tools to Unlock Your Peak Potential 🛠️

  1. Loom AI: Tired of boring voice memos? Loom AI makes it a breeze to record smooth video messages in a flash. Communicate better, faster. 🎥

  2. Tafi AI: Bring any character idea to life in stunning 3D - just describe them in text! Tafi AI magically transforms your words into high quality models and animations. 🧞‍♂️

  3. Merlin: Understand your customers like never before. Merlin handles surveys, analyzes responses, and delivers key insights without any human effort. 📊

  4. Smartwriter.ai: Save hours crafting repetitive emails. Smartwriter.ai automatically generates flawless personalized messages and streamlines your outreach. ✉️

  5. Clay: Easier prospecting and copywriting through automation 🤝

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