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Conquer the Cold Start Challenge on Social Media

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  • The Growth Insight: Conquering the Cold Start Challenge

  • What’s Up with Tech: JPMorgan's AI Index, Coinbase's Crypto Surge

  • Tools to Unlock Your Peak Potential

The Growth Insight 🌱

The Uphill Climb: Conquering the Cold Start Challenge

Someone with a tiny audience must utterly captivate you just to earn that coveted "Follow."

Yet, those with massive followings can post the most mundane truism, and you'll nod along, hitting "Follow" without a second thought.

Social proof wields immense power, and its absence can be a potent deterrent, especially in the public sphere of social media, where audience size is on full display.

Creating a beautiful instagram feed.

This is why growth is such an uphill battle in the beginning: No one wants to be the first to arrive at the party. You need to cross certain psychological thresholds to be taken seriously:

  1. 1,000: "Okay, they're not completely new."

  2. 5,000: "Not a complete nobody."

  3. 10,000: "Hmm, maybe they do have something to say."

  4. 50,000: "Oh okay, this is a creator on the rise."

  5. 100,000: "They're legit."

  6. 500,000 or even 1M+: "How do I not already know this person?"

Suggested Hacks:

🔥 Get every friend you have to follow you if you're below 100 followers.

🌱 Consider fake followers. While against TOS to buy followers, it may be necessary to avoid looking like a ghost town, but limit this to your first 1,000 followers.

💬 Follow and DM people who engage with your posts to thank them or start a conversation. They'll often follow back.

✍️ Meaningfully comment on other people's posts at a similar stage. Start a conversation, then eventually follow them, send a connection request, and DM them.

🗣️ Comment on other people's comments on big creators' posts. Again, start a conversation, follow, connect, and DM.

🤝 Leverage relationships with people who have larger audiences than you. See if they'd be willing to engage with your posts or tag you in their own.

📥 If on LinkedIn, use tools like WeConnect or Lemlist to automate 20-30 connection requests / day with people in your target audience and shared communities (same university or city).

While these tactics may seem unconventional, they're often necessary to overcome the initial hurdle of the cold start and ignite your social spark.

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What’s Up With Tech 🖥️

JPMorgan's AI Index 🔍 JPMorgan has launched an AI tool that can create customized company indexes based on specific themes.

Amazon's AI Obsession 🤖 Amazon is pushing organizers to focus extensively on generative AI at their upcoming cloud events.

Tesla's Voice Assistant? 🗣️ Rumors suggest Tesla might be working on developing its own voice assistant.

Altman's AI Humility 🤷‍♂️ Sam Altman called GPT-4 "mildly embarrassing at best" and said it's the "worst model" we will ever use.

OpenAI's Search Ambitions 🔎 OpenAI is reportedly developing a web search product that could be integrated with Bing.

Coinbase's Crypto Surge 💰 The #1 U.S. crypto exchange, Coinbase, reported a massive surge in revenue and net income last quarter.

Tools to Unlock Your Peak Potential 🛠️

Glowbom- Create apps with AI without any coding skillset.

Taylor- API for text classification as well as categorization

FinPlus- AI-powered financial markets research for investments

Stay with us for your weekly dose of tech innovation, wisdom, and growth.

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