Apple’s New AI Challenger

PLUS: ChatGPT Custom Instructions, Chainlink's Grand Vision, RFK Bitcoin Promises, Growth Hacks

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In today's edition of Alpha You:

  • Apple's rising AI ambition

  • OpenAI's ChatGPT custom instructions

  • Chainlink's ambitious vision for the future of banking

  • Kennedy wants to give Bitcoin profits a tax-free pass

  • This week's productivity & growth hack tools

  • Our key insight on shaping habits

📰 What’s Up with AI? 📰

Apple's cooking up their very own AI Chatbot

Image mockup by Apple Hub on Twitter

Apple's been dragging its feet on the whole AI thing, playing it cool, taking its sweet-ass time. But let's face it, there's an enormous, neon-lit chance for them to bring AI right into the core of iOS. And boy, they better seize it.

Imagine juicing up Siri with a GPT-like chatbot and tying it to our daily tools like Calendar. We're talking about a quantum leap, an improvement so huge, it'll feel like your iPhone just chugged a gallon of Red Bull.

As per Bloomberg, the Apple folks are tinkering around with an in-house chatbot that could just be the missing puzzle piece.

Details? As clear as mud right now. Even Apple seems to be shrugging and saying, "We'll see." But insiders are drawing comparisons between this mysterious bot and the big leaguers like ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing.

Here's the juicy bit: Apple's never been a "move fast, break things, say oops" kind of company. Their style is more "take it slow, be methodical, and nail the damn thing." That's how they rolled with AR/VR. That's their vibe with AI. And the first hint of AI could be popping up on our Apple devices by the end of this year.

OpenAI's New ChatGPT Custom Instructions

Speaking of OpenAI, they're not sitting idle. In a recent blog post, they've announced new custom instructions for ChatGPT.

This novel feature enables developers to tailor AI behavior according to their unique needs, offering a more controlled, flexible and user-specific experience.

Imagine having a virtual assistant that knows exactly how you like your daily tech digest delivered? Well, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Custom instructions make ChatGPT a powerful tool for businesses and individuals alike.

📰 What’s Up with Crypto & Web3? 📰

Chainlink's Vision to Transform the Banking Sector

In other news, Chainlink's CEO, Sergey Nazarov, shares his ambitious plan to bring trillions of dollars into crypto from traditional banks.

While the promise of a decentralized financial future may seem far-fetched to some, the potential impact on the banking sector could be monumental.

Keep an eye on Chainlink, folks, we may be on the cusp of a banking revolution.

Bitcoin, the Presidency, and a Kennedy: An Election Full of Wild Pitches

Enter the big game - the U.S. presidential race. On the stage, Robert F. Kennedy. He's JFK's nephew, a Bitcoin lover, and tougher at 70 than most gym rats. He's got some eye-popping ideas.

First, Kennedy wants to give Bitcoin profits a tax-free pass. Means more privacy, more crypto innovations, more investments, more businesses sticking around.

Next up, he's got a wild dream to hitch the dollar to Bitcoin. Just 1% of Treasury bills backed by hard stuff like gold, silver, platinum, or Bitcoin. The payoff? A beefier dollar and inflation on a leash.

But remember, promises are just words until they become actions. So will Kennedy turn out to be Trustworthy Rob or just another Broken-Promise Bob? Stay tuned, folks.

🛠️ Productivity & Growth Hack Tools 🛠️

CastMagic: Castmagic is like having your own, personal assistant who's a total wizard at churning out top-notch podcast content.

This wizard doesn't need food or sleep, because it's powered by AI. This magic tool takes your audio and poof!

You've got transcriptions, show notes, summaries, highlights, quotes, and even social posts. Plus, it can buddy up with other tools like Slack and Zoom.

You're saving time, boosting quality, and avoiding mind-numbing post-production tasks.

Ocoya: Ocoya is your ticket to dominating the social media universe, all from the cloud. Imagine effortlessly conjuring up stellar graphics with an inbuilt editor that's as simple as it is powerful.

But that's not all, folks!

You can whip up compelling short videos, sprinkle on captions to amplify your message, or tune in some groovy music clips.

This isn't just a tool, it's your personal social media genie, helping you schedule and dish out killer content that'll have your audience hooked.

💡 Key Insight 💡

Shape Your Habits as Easily as 1-2-3

This week's key insight comes from Charles Duhigg’s book, The Power of Habit. Habits work in a three-step loop: Cue, Routine, Reward. 

Pretty simple, right? But when you dive deeper, you realize this is the blueprint of our lives. This simple yet powerful formula can help you understand and shape your habits, leading to dramatic personal and professional growth.

Let's use a relatable example - your habit of checking social media the moment you wake up (admit it, we all do it). Here's how it works:

  1. Cue: Your alarm clock buzzes, you groan, rub your eyes, reach for your phone.

  2. Routine: You open Instagram/Twitter/Facebook, and start scrolling through the fresh batch of posts, memes, and whatnot.

  3. Reward: You feel connected, informed, entertained, or maybe just successfully procrastinated for a bit.

Now, let's say you want to form a healthier morning habit, like doing a quick workout. You can hijack this Cue-Routine-Reward loop:

  1. Cue: Alarm clock buzzes (same cue).

  2. Routine: Instead of reaching for your phone, you reach for your yoga mat or running shoes.

  3. Reward: You feel refreshed, energized, and damn proud of yourself.

In no time, you've swapped out a less productive habit with a healthier one, using the same loop. So, whether it's becoming the next CrossFit champion or just flossing daily, remember the magic trio: Cue, Routine, Reward.

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