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PLUS: Bull Case for Polygon, Retrain Your Brain for Laser Focus, AI's Impact on Job Market, Bitcoin ETF

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  • Use AI as Your Sales Coach

  • The Bull Case for Polygon (Matic)

  • Retrain Your Brain for Laser Focus

  • AI is Impacting the Job Market, iPhone countdown is on, Impending Bitcoin ETF & More

  • Reach New Heights with AI Tools

The Actionable AI Insight 🖥️

Use AI as Your Sales Coach

AI tools such as ChatGPT & Claude can now act like a sales coach to help you win more deals. They can give tips tailored just for you to help convince customers.

Here’s how these tools can help you:

  • Make pitches that excite customers - Ask the AI for ideas on how to explain your product in a way your customer will love.

  • Handle customer concerns - If a customer worries about price or anything else, the AI can give you good responses to fix the problem.

  • Show the value you offer - The AI can find real examples and numbers to prove to customers you can help them.

  • Improve proposals - Ask the AI to make your proposals persuasive so customers want to work with you.

  • Respond to RFPs - It can help you put together outstanding RFP responses to win business.

Here are some prompts and example responses I could provide as a sales coach to help you close more deals:

When you need help overcoming objections:

Prompt: "I'm receiving pushback from a client on [specify objection]. How can I best address this and turn it around?"

When you want help crafting a compelling pitch:

Prompt: "I have a [call/meeting/presentation] with [prospect name] to pitch our [product/service]. Can you provide tips to make my case as persuasive as possible?"

When you need help conveying value and ROI:

Prompt: "What are some precise statistics, use cases, or data points I can highlight to convey the tangible value and ROI that [prospect name] will get from our [product/service]?"

When you need help overcoming pricing concerns:

Prompt: "I'm getting pushback from [prospect name] on our pricing. How can I best position our value relative to cost?"

Now stop losing sleep over tough deals, and start letting AI win them for you instead. Your 24/7 virtual sales savant's got you covered.

Now go seal those deals, baby!

Investment Avenues & Side Hustle Ideas 📈

Investment Avenue: Polygon (MATIC)

To understand Polygon, it is important to understand Ethereum first.

Ethereum is the leading PoS blockchain network, enabling developers to build decentralized applications (dApps). However, Ethereum suffers from scalability issues, with slow transaction speeds and high gas fees.

Polygon is a scaling solution designed to improve Ethereum's scalability and usability. Polygon runs parallel to Ethereum, offering faster and cheaper transactions for dApps built on Ethereum.

The core advantage Polygon provides is significantly higher transaction speeds. This makes Polygon well-suited for activities like decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFT minting/trading.

The MATIC token is Polygon's native crypto token used for paying gas fees. MATIC provides a fast and inexpensive way to interact with Polygon dApps compared to using ETH on Ethereum directly.

In summary, Polygon aims to complement Ethereum by providing faster and cheaper transactions using the MATIC token, while retaining Ethereum's security and interoperability.

Recent partnerships with Google Cloud, Flipkart, Immutable, etc. expand Polygon's capabilities and adoption.

New products like Polygon zkEVM, which enables easy porting of Ethereum dApps, and Polygon Miden, a scalable decentralized rollup, enhance the platform.

Polygon's growth continues with new products and partnerships. As a major player in Ethereum scaling with lower fees and faster transactions, Polygon has a strong bull case as it cements itself as a leading Layer 2 protocol.

With Ethereum poised to accelerate, Polygon's narrative stays relevant. Its recent developments make Polygon a top contender to bet on for the next crypto bull run.

Disclaimer: Not a financial advice. Do your own due diligence.

The Key Productivity + Growth Insight 💡

Outsmart Distraction: Retrain Your Brain for Laser Focus

In Your Brain at Work, neuroscientist David Rock reveals how our brains naturally crave novelty and get distracted, making it difficult to stay focused at work.

The key insight is that we can redesign our work habits to restore focus and work smarter.

No-BS Actionable Tips:

  1. Take regular breaks to refresh your brain. Step away from your desk every 90 minutes.

  2. Batch similar tasks together to stay in a focused mode. Return emails at set times rather than constantly switching.

  3. Eliminate distractions in your environment. Close extra browser tabs, silence phone notifications.

  4. Write down next-step thinking to offload mental clutter. Maintain a running task list.

  5. Set boundaries and say no to time-sinks. Protect focused time on your calendar.

  6. Gamify tasks by competing against yourself. Track progress and beat your own records.

By understanding how our brains work and implementing focus strategies, we can overcome distraction and work smarter all day.

The Future, Today: Key Tech-Biz Headlines 🌐

  • AI is impacting the job market: New LinkedIn report reveals AI's massive impact at work: 21x more job posts mention AI like ChatGPT since November 2022

  • One app to chat with them all: This desktop app brings leading AI chatbots together so you can access and use them in one place.

  • OpenAI's revenue is exploding: OpenAI’s revenue is projected to top $1 billion in the next 12 months, a 5x increase from earlier projections.

  • iPhone countdown is on: Apple's highly anticipated new iPhones will be unveiled in just 2 weeks. Get ready for the big reveal.

  • Adidas x NFTs: The sportswear giant is teaming up with digital artists for its first-ever artist-in-residence program. Get ready for exclusive collabs on digital and physical items.

  • Bitcoin ETF impending: Bloomberg analysts see a 75% chance of a Bitcoin spot ETF launching this year, 95% by end of 2024. The verdict: "It's not if, it's when."

  • SWIFT links with Chainlink: The global banking network successfully integrated Chainlink blockchain in recent tests with BNP Paribas, BNY Mellon and others. More blockchain experiments ahead.

Tools to Unlock Your Peak Potential 🛠️

  1. MyMealPlan 🍽 personalizes your meals with customized weekly meal plans tailored to your dietary needs and restrictions for healthy, hassle-free eating.

  2. ExperAI 💬 lets you tap into expertise on-demand by instantly connecting and chatting with verified specialists in any field to get personalized advice and answers.

  3. Remodel AI 🏠 helps you remodel with imagination by redesigning interiors and exteriors in minutes through experimenting with different styles, colors and materials to create your dream home.

  4. AI Analytics 📊 uncovers actionable insights effortlessly by automating data processing, generating compelling visuals, and communicate data-driven recommendations.

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